Sound of Destiny

Pressure Creates Diamonds.

So it’s second semester and i guess you could say that progress over the holidays was good. But I’ld be lying. Been pretty busy with stuff for The Sound of Destiny Album Launch as well as general life! But first week, Yes. Being going well. I feel that now is my time to get things … Continue reading


So, in a previous post, i mentioned how Research does my head in. It’s probably the documentation and annotation and having to keep track of what, who and where I┬áresearch than anything else. I love the act of researching and finding out – but having to analyse for documentation always gets me. One of my … Continue reading

Who we are.

Well, its been pretty busy on my end. Its been a real big push to even get this far for me! It’s been a heck load of reading, writing and a generally pretending to know what exactly what I’m doing! So the past semester for me has been all about RESEARCH!┬áSadly, it has become a … Continue reading


Mid April, I found myself itching to do another photo shoot. I’m always looking at blog sites with beautiful photography, as well as design – so was feeling like I can create something like that. I had a friend where I had previously done her head shots – so i knew she’ll be up for … Continue reading

Starting line.

So a bit of back ground about what this blog will flourish to be! As I am currently 3rd year – this mean on giant as brief to last us fo the entire year! So daunting in thought alone, but once broken down and understood, it becomes a lot easier to manage. So my proposal, … Continue reading

Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by! Firstly I’m Dawn (but i’m sure you knew this already) but if not feel free to have a bit of a stalk around on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Behance or Blogger! Essentially what this blog is about, is my journey to completing my Bachelor in Graphic Design. The trials and tribulations. The … Continue reading

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